The Party Electoral Commission had set 17th Feb 2017 as the day for EALA Party primaries, however Parliament of Uganda in its press release dated 27th January 2017 set aside Wednesday 8th February 2017 and Thursday 9th February 2017 as the dates for nomination of candidates for election to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Unofficial guidance from Parliament had indicated this exercise to take place in April.

Therefore the Party Electoral Commission has set a side Monday 6th February 2017 as the new date for the Party primaries at the Party Headquarters from 9am.

The FDC EALA candidates that have duly been nominated include: Mr. Kyambadde Wilberforce, Mr. Mayemba Herbert, Dr. Tindyebwa Joseph, PhD, Mr. Ayo Innocent, Hon. Ekwau Ibi, Mr. Baguma Patrick, Ms. Paga Gloria, Ms. Ingrid Turinawe and Mr. Ojobile Augustine.