I am getting disturbing reports from Arua to the effect that Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leadership in the region is being wrongfully implicated in the chaos that engulfed Arua yesterday evening.
I was particularly informed that Hon. Fungaroo is being hunted by the army. Last night about 30 military personnel surrounded Hotel Pacific where his car was parked and combed all the rooms in an attempt to find him. Fortunately he was able to escape and the management of the hotel was unable to release his vehicle that the military wanted to tow away. I have a feeling that the state in it’s transferred aggression could harm him if they found him and I’ve advised him accordingly. It is important that we let the country know as that may serve as a safeguard for Hon. Fungaroo.
I wish to appeal to our leaders in West Nile to inform the FDC national leadership in case they are unfairly treated because of what has happened.
I’ve also asked Hon. Kassiano Wadri who arrived in Arua last night in anticipation of today’s burial to keep us all posted on any further developments.
Our supporters in the region should keep calm and stay away from situations that could land them in unnecessary trouble.
One Uganda One People
Patrick Oboi Amuriat
FDC President
Issued at Najjanankumbi
11th June , 2018