Monday 31 July, Najjanakumbi
The incumbent Party President for the Forum for Democratic Change Gen Mugisha Muntu has picked nomination forms to compete for the party’s upcoming election.
He is the sixth person to pick the nomination forms since July 10 when the party opened nominations and the process runs up to August 12.
While addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanakumbi, Gen Muntu noted that he picked his nomination forms this morning and he’s waiting for the official President nomination day to returns his forms.
In his address he said. “As from today I am delegating Hon. Alice Asianut Alaso for the period I will be out of office. I have picked nomination forms. I would like to thank the media for the coverage in my term.” “There used to be speculation when I came in that, FDC was not going to last, but here we are, my term is done and the FDC is much more stable than before. We are here to build a party that will outlive us. It is difficult to change the direction of a country without changing the culture of our people. The challenge we have are leaders who say one thing and practice or do the other. This must come to an end. FDC is the only party so far where we compete at the top and we remain stable. We can’t give what we do not have. Turbulence simply shows you that you still have weaknesses but the most important is having mechanisms to resolve the disagreements that there may be. Am coming back for continuity, when we came in, we had a blank page.”
He also highlighted the need to handle the constitutional amendment about land, this will be among other issues he will focus on, sensitizing the people.
He noted that, if the rumor about age limit is true, then Uganda would be heading into a period of uncertainty.
The other candidates who have already picked nomination forms include Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa, Dan Malcolm Masiko, a party member, Lukubira Moses, a party member, Moses Byamugisha and Former MP Patrick Amuriat Oboi.