Today the 6th of March, the Secretary Publicity, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, held a press briefing at the Party Headquarters, Najjanankumbi. In his address he communicated three important issues.

  1. On the grabbing of Park Yard, is informed that this is national facility that was donated  to Ugandans by the Colonial rulers in remembrance of War veterans and therefore, no body has the right to give it. It was established by law and is central to history of this country. The President cannot by word or pen, give away public property. In his address, he further said, the people responsible, like the Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, have never publicly come up to comment over this matter, this being a matter that falls under her jurisdiction. He condemned all those involved in grabbing this land and warned that, property given away illegally will be repossessed, just like in the days of Amin, when he illegally gave away property that belonged to Indians.  “This can only last as long as Museveni Lasts” he said. Therefore the FDC Youth League, has decided to go to court over this matter, FDC sympathizes with all those that were brutally beaten, and emphasized the FDC interests itself in protecting National Property, and also urged the public to support attempts to remove this regime.
  2. On Wednesday, Last Week, in a bid to strengthen its leadership, the FDC NEC approved 18 Deputies to NEC, presented by the Party President, Rtd Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu. Among them is Hon. Paul Mwiru, who is now the Deputy Secretary Publicity. Also, in regards to the matter of Hon. Anywar, he said the Party President is yet to present a name to the NEC for her replacement. He called upon all the Deputies to rise up to the challenge as serve the interests of Ugandans. For more information on the newly appointed leaders, please visit  “OUR PEOPLE” tab on the website.
  3. On the just concluded EALA elections, he said the party had made a few mistakes but later resolved this mistakes in the various meetings held with the party organs. However, he emphasized that the Party is working with its Legal Secretary to study the process and see if it offended the EAC and Parliament statutory instruments. If that is so, then the FDC will go to court over this matter. This is not a matter we shall just abandon.