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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is concerned with war drums being sounded by Mr. Museveni and the commander of his unconstitutional personal army-Special Forces Command (SFC).

On February 12th, the SFC Commander Don Nabasa promoted recently to the rank of Maj. Gen. against provisions of the UPDF Act is quoted to have made the following statement;

“External forces are looking and they don’t want us to develop. We have the oil here, beauty of the Country, stability, development, and above all a precious leader. They think may be if they get the precious leader out, there will be disorganization. Please don’t go on that path, it’s a wrong path. Don’t let them use you.

They won’t come physically, but if they come here, it will be the best because we are very ready for them. Unfortunately they will not come. They will send money and people like the ones of late being deported, to mobilize the youth because they have the man power here and the youth are very easy to convince. Please, talk to them and they see that the stability in their country is their future.”

The MTN employees being deported and being referred to here, are mainly citizens of two sister countries, neighboring Rwanda and South Africa. This statement by Don Nabbasa is even given more weight by a similar one made by Museveni while addressing the Tarehe Sita fun function in Kitgum. Museveni said;

Nobody can disturb our peace. Anyone who thinks of destabilizing Uganda, will destroy the UPDF is strong and well equipped to secure Uganda from many forces of destabilization.”

Mr. Museveni and his commanders must tell the country whether we are at the brink of war with Rwanda and South Africa. What is the cause of all this. Tension between Uganda and its neighbors has a lot of ramifications. Remember as result of similar tension, Mr. Museveni last year pulled out of the Africa free-trade area summit in Kigali. The Rwandan president Kagame had earlier skipped the East African Community Summit in Kampala.

At the time Rwanda was accusing Uganda of harassing it citizens and Museveni had just arrested senior police officers for facilitating illegal extradition of refugees to Kigali.

While Don Nabasa is ready for war, citizens of Uganda are not ready. Procurement of military hardware and training should not excite soldiers into war. We should pursue dialogue and peace with neighbors and everybody.

We must pursue dialogue with all our perceived enemies – the political opponents.

What has happened in all the agreements that we signed with Rwanda including one on sharing of intelligence information.

NAANational Assembly


The decisions to form a Peoples Government was reached by the FDC and other political platforms that sponsored and supported then candidature of DR, Kizza  Besigye during 2016 general election which we believe Dr. Kizza Besigye won.

Mr. Museveni tempered with the outcome of this election like he had done before and got the electoral commission to delay him a winner. We were afforded no opportunity to legally challenge this declaration as our candidate Dr. Besigye was kidnapped on Kampala streets and flown to Moroto by kale Kahikura. He was later flown back to Kampala, charged with treason and locked in Luzira prison.

The rest of senior FDC leaders were placed under house arrest to allow Museveni be sworn in.

When the house arrest was over and Museveni had sworn in himself, we sat here and agreed to disregard the fraudulent results. We agreed on formation of a People’s Government. This government has been in place since then.


This is a liberation outfit designed to wrestle People’s sovereignty from a military leader. The People’s Government has structures from Cabinet to Local Government Councils. The main duty is to empower citizens, raise their civic awareness and mobilize them to engage in non- violence actions that will continue weakening the Museveni regime.

The people’s government is a government of national unity and draws leaders from various political formations. It is still growing and all democracy seeking forces are invited to embrace it.

As you are aware, many other countries such as Kenya and Venezuela have since learnt from us.


As a party, we continue mobilizing and preparing for elections whenever they come. But our pre –occupation is to weaken the regime so we can get rid of it before the next elections.

We therefore would like to appeal to our colleagues to not only concentrate on preparing for the next election but also on all other activities that will weaken the dictatorship. We remain receptive to all new ideas.

The FDC despite security harassment continues with regional assemblies meetings and other activities.

One Uganda, One People

Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

Party Spokeperson

18th February 2019