The FDC commits itself to adhere to the following principles in offering leadership to the country:

Adherence to constitutionalism

We will be unyielding in promoting constitutionalism, the rule of law and entrenching the doctrine of separation of powers among the key pillars of the state: the judiciary, the executive and the legislature.

Protection and promotion of fundamental freedoms

The exercise of fundamental freedoms of assembly, speech, association and protest are the defining elements of true citizenship. We are committed to building systems that enhance the ability of citizens to enjoy these freedoms and to sanction any attempts to undermine such freedoms.leo.

Democracy and effective representation

We believe that democracy and effective representation rooted in credible, regular, free and fair elections are the true mechanism for the citizen to exercise their power as commanded by our constitution. The FDC is therefore committed to creating an enabling environment to promote civic education, ensure a strong and independent electoral body and the functioning of key institutions that guarantee citizens rights to sanction their leaders or remove them from power when they abuse the constitution or public office.

Promotion of social and economic justice

We believe that the state has a cardinal duty to ensure the creation of an enabling environment that guarantees opportunity for citizens to enjoy their political, cultural and economic rights. The policies pursued by the FDC must ensure that every Ugandan has equal opportunity to succeed provided they work hard.

Elimination of all forms of discrimination

The FDC is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and marginalization of all forms. We will implement special measures and take appropriate actions to ensure equitable representation of women, the youth, persons with disabilities and marginalized communities in political and economic policy and decision-making.

National peace and reconciliation

We believe in the power of peaceful resolution of conflicts and facilitating reconciliation among Ugandans who have been affected by conflicts and policies of exclusion pursued by successive governments since independence.

Zero-tolerance to corruption and elimination of political patronage and associated political corruption

We will pursue a policy of zero tolerance to corruption and elimination of political corruption through political patronage and prebendalism. This will be achieved by instituting high standards of accountability and transparency for political leaders and public officials..

Peaceful coexistence and international cooperation

We believe that peaceful co-existence and international cooperation are necessary pre-conditions for socio-economic development and transformation at all levels. The Forum for Democratic Change will pursue policies that ensure Uganda’s peaceful co-existence and cooperation with other nations.o.

Equitable national development

We believe that every inch of our country is blessed with natural resources wealth and a hard working people. Successive post-independence governments pursued policies that marginalize or exclude different parts of the country from economic development.

This exclusion has been given a new meaning by the incumbent regime, which has gone too far by declaring certain parts of the country “hard to reach.” Like the colonialists declared parts of our country “arid and semi-arid”, we believe that these policies have a distorting effect on the entire country and are clearly a manifestation of failed development policies pursued by the incumbent government and those before it.

We are therefore committed to pursue the policy of equitable national development by creating an enabling environment that enables the exploitation of the full potential and competitive advantages of every part of our country.

In the 2005 Party Platform, we stated our foundational principles rooted in the belief that progressive political parties must adhere to a set of core principles that define their internal character, commitment to leadership and service, and people centeredness.

The principles, which are restated here, will continue to guide our party, our leadership and our members. Our firm belief is that internal governance and value systems of any political party are so fundamental in defining how such a party forms a government that runs the country based on the national constitution and a set of universal values rooted in the socio-cultural, economic and political context of the country.

Political parties and leaders cannot offer what they don’t have. Internally undemocratic parties will never deliver democracy and corrupt leaders can only create “safe havens” for the corrupt. In this regard, the FDC commit itself to a set of core principles that apply internally to the party leadership and its members.

We consider these principles indispensable in providing responsible, transparent and accountable leadership for our country.