FDC Press Release

FDC Press Release

Najjanankumbi Monday 9th April 2018

In his address to the Press this Morning, the Party President officially welcomed the Hon. Kyamadidi into the FDC family and six others whom he said defected from the ruling NRM.

Among other issues, he expressed dissatisfaction of the manner in which the police force handled our rallies during a visit to the Western Region. He warned that the FDC will not sit back as the rights of the citizens are trampled upon. “We will not accept this, and we shall fight for every little space” he said.
He also informed the journalists that FDC will hold a discussion with the police in order to streamline on how we are going to work. “They should prepare for a showdown if they decide to go against the citizens” he added.

Further more he went on to inform the press that the FDC leadership visited Kasese to pass our sympathies to the people of Kasese for the massacre of the innocent civilians. He thanked the people of Kasese for being brave and strong. He also urged the Parliament to come up with a conclusive report on the killings in Kasese.

Among other issues was the age limit petition that is being heard today in Mbale, “FDC is interested in this matter and we thank the MPs who are the fore front of this petition”.
“We call upon the people to go in their thousands to Mbale. We would like the population to show their dissatisfaction. I also call upon the land judges to stand on the side of the people” he said.

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