NEC members, Members of Parliament, elected leaders at  Local Government levels, Party’s membership and supporters, viewers watching online and those following live on TV and Radio, members of the fourth estate, invited Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear colleagues and fellow countrymen

I greet you all in the spirit of our Motto ‘’ One Uganda, One People’’.

Welcome to this very important occasion when we are launching our long awaited National Mobilization Program beginning with the launch of our online membership registration exercise.

As you are aware the last 3 years of our political journey has been characterized by consistent attacks, false and unfounded allegations, envy, hate, terrible insults, blackmail, coup attempts , threats of elimination of our leaders and a malicious media onslaught that threatened to destabilize the FDC.

Despite all these disturbances we all, united by the resolve to defend and protect our Party Constitution spared no effort to thwart the attacks by our detractors.

The internal bickering in the Party was decisively resolved and permanently put to rest by the election of new office bearers at the 7th National Delegates Conference (NDC) of 6th October, 2023. This underlined the fact that nobody no matter their political size will be allowed to meddle with our party constitution in order to destabilize the party for selfish political , financial or any other gain. I congratulate all of you who successfully participated in that election which was viciously fought by negative internal forces. I wish to advise those who are dissatisfied with the outcome or boycotted the elections to seize the opportunity to get elected at the earliest opportunity or in the National Delegates Conference that will be scheduled for elections just before the 8th October, 2028. We are determined to complete the internal elections immediately National Council acting on behalf of the NDC extends the term of the current EC and to decisively clean up the party.


The failures of the NRM, the party in power are glaring for everyone to see. The promise of prosperity for all has remained a far-fetched dream.

The ever rising level of poverty especially among the 80% rural poor continues to be an eyesore of Uganda.  Endemic corruption in all institutions of the government has reduced the country to a begging nation with debt burden at(UGX) 96.1 trillion ($25.3 billion) which is  52 percent of GDP, setting our country on a path to crisis.

The Museveni regime has lost direction in addressing the drivers of creation of employment opportunities especially for the thousands graduating from colleges and Universities each year. Unemployment rate especially affecting the youth is forecast to be 3.39% in 2024, embarrassingly almost 39 years of the NRM in power.

The exploitation of the rural poor by the well-connected urban wealthy has for many years now deprived the least privileged communities of this country their land which is key in ensuring their livelihood. Land grabbing especially in Buganda, Northern and some parts of the Eastern Uganda by powerful individuals if not checked is a recipe for instability in the country.

Abuse of human rights continues especially by security organizations against political opponents of the regime in power. Freedom to associate by parties in the opposition has over the last two decades been blatantly abused. The rule of law has not been observed with detention without trials being a common feature in our country’s politics.

The current political environment remains precarious with Mr. Museveni dubiously holding onto power with no sign of preparations for a smooth transition of power. This uncertainty is very dangerous for the stability of the country. I challenge the Head of State to demonstrate his being conscious of the fact that he will not be at the helm of leadership of this country for ever, and that Uganda as a Nation will exist long after all of us are gone. He should also be concerned about the legacy that he want to leave behind.

Fellow members of the National Executive Committee, I wish to confirm the party’s participation in the forthcoming General Eections and as you are aware the process of candidates identification is already in high gear. We however need to pay attention to the processes that have characterized previous general elections and draw lessons from how they have been managed. We must act SMART at every twist and turn of the next election.

The reluctance of the ruling party to consider electoral reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections in 2026 is a matter that the party must concern itself about. Our call to the Museveni administration is for it for once to do whatever it takes to ensure free and fair elections in 2026.

While the country has no option but relying on the opposition, internal disharmony has engulfed all the opposition political parties in the country including our own party. As observed earlier we have successfully managed our internal contradictions and  are on the path to progress. There can only be one cause and beneficiary in the internal confusion in  the opposition and that is the regime in power. It is my view that this is happening because Mr. Museveni has largely remained unchallenged ever since the last elections and has utilized his free time to stimulate internal discontent within the opposition ranks.

As you are aware, previously after every election in which the FDC claimed victory that was robbed, we as the leading opposition in Parliament together with the party leadership and activists put pressure on the junta to give accountability for the elections. This took the form of court action, civic action, petitions, media campaigns and street protests. Today NUP the leading opposition political party has tactically retreated to the point of warming up to the next election without using their capacity and authority to put the regime in power to account for the excesses of the last elections. My call to NUP our sister party is for them to provide the required leadership to opposition parties both in and outside of Parliament as we together with the other parties in the opposition jointly push for fair terms of engagement in the 2026 General Elections. Beginning to mobilize for the next elections without seriously asking questions about the last elections is defeatist and behaving like sheep being led willingly to the slaughter house.


Our resolve as a party is that we must continue with our efforts to ensure a better country, fair for all the citizens of Uganda. We shall continue to use constitutional means to achieve this especially invoking Article 3 (4) of the National Constitution which enjoins all citizens to defend the natural Constitution.


Going forward therefore we shall resume our engagement with citizens through a series of countrywide activities the objectives of which are the following:

  1. Enhancing confidence in the FDC amongst citizens,
  2. Dissemination of critical information about factors affecting FDC,
  3. Projection of positive image of the party,
  4. Mobilization and recruitment of citizens into the FDC,
  5. Party membership registration,
  6. Empowering citizens with information about the shortcomings of the government in power and causing them to demand what is due to them,
  7. Support to potential candidates and
  8. Settling outstanding matters in selected districts

To achieve these objectives the party will conduct public engagements starting with the following Sub-regions, concluding with public rallies:

  1. Teso -(12th -22nd June 2024). Public rally in Soroti City on 22nd June 2024
  2. Bugisu -(24th-29th June 2024). Public rally in Mbale City on 28th June, 2024
  3. Acholi-(01st – 06th July, 2024). Public rally in Gulu City on 06th July, 2024
  4. West Nile- (08th July- 13th July 2024). Public rally in Arua City on 13th July, 2024
  5. Rwenzori – (15th-20th July, 2024). Public rally in Kasese Municipality on 20th July, 2024.

I am alive to the fact that some of you members accused the Working Committee of being docile and not responding to calls for us to lead you out of the party headquarters to the field. This inaction was strategically done in order to achieve maximum effect from our efforts. The best time for us under the circumstances is now and while we encourage the public to join us, we should provide the required leadership.

The program will be rolled out to the rest of the Subregions after the above first round of activities. We know that we are a resilient organization that has operated under very challenging situations and stood the test of time, our campaign is dubbed;

  • Tusobala in Luganda
  • Tutaweza in Kiswahili
  • Kipedori in Ateso
  • Watwero in Luo
  • Tukisoboka in Runyakitara
  • Ama ecoora Lugbara

Our call to the citizens of Uganda is for them to embrace these pro people activities and to the security organizations in the country to respect our rights as a registered political organization as we carry out constitutionally allowed activities.


Today we launch our countrywide activities in a unique way by making history in launching our long awaited Digital Membership Registration (DMR) program for membership registration. DMR makes us stand out as the first political party in the Country and only the second in the region to register members digitally. We are migrating from the labor intensive and paper based Analog to a much easier and efficient Digital mode of running a political organization.

Our records show that there is no individual who has ever acquired life membership since the inception of the party. What this means is that all of us without exception MUST renew our membership to remain members of the party with rights to hold positions in and make decisions for the party. I want to hail the Finance Committee for the initial proposals and NEC acting in accordance with the Party Constitution for approving the following rates for different categories of membership:

  1. Ordinary Party Cards to cost 5,000 shs from 1,000 shs expires and renewable annually
  2. Corporate cards
  3. Blue Member Kob – Shs. 50,000/=  expires every 5 years
  4. Blue Member Nile – Shs.100,000/= expires every 5 years
  • Crane Member – Shs.200,000/=  expires every 5 years
  1. Bronze Member    – Shs.1,000,000/=  expires every 5 years
  2. Silver Member – Shs.2,000,000/=  expires every 5 years
  3. Gold Member – Shs.3,000,000/=  expires every 5 years
  • Platinum Member – Shs.5,000,000/= expires every 5 years
  • Life member – Shs.10,000,000/= No expiry


  1. The date of expiry for the membership category need to be included   and automated on the Online Portal

Life Membership guidelines and conditions

  1. That a member would make a lifetime commitment to the FDC party by remaining a member for the full length of his/her lifetime if he/she acquires it.
  2. Those Life members are exempt from payment of annual membership dues.
  3. That Life Membership should be given to a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution he /she has offered to the Party
  4. This Life Membership Card should at all times retain its prestige and not be given easily.
  5. A member MUST fulfill the following conditions to get the Life Membership Card;
  6. Must be at least 50 years of age
  7. He/she must have been the member of the Party for at least 10 years consecutively.
  • Outstanding record of his/her quality of service/leadership in the party
  1. He/she must be of a distinguished personality in both the party and society
  2. He/she must be of integrity and have earned respect in the party, society at large and amongst his or her peers.
  3. He/she must be a person who has demonstrated leadership within the Party, one who Mentors and sponsors the young and old with political career traits and finally the one who acts with Impartiality.


I invite colleagues to provide leadership in an exercise that after fully rolling out will determine with precession our total membership.

I recall a time when our detractors attacked the party leadership for not issuing party. Indeed at one point there was a call by them to attack the Party Headquarters to retrieve party cards. The attack was repulsed. I wish to thank the Secretary General and the entire Secretariat staff that have worked tirelessly to ensure the development of the App and the entire system that will support DMR.

Before I launch the DMR I invite the secretariat to demonstrate the user friendly process of on line registration.

Thank you very much,


Patrick Amuriat Oboi


For God and My Country


One Uganda, One people.

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