Press Release

Press Release


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson while addressing journalists said it is appropriate for the United Nations to relocate its Regional Service Centre in Entebbe (RSCE) to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi,  “we all want the UN Centre to remain in the country, but if we have to deal with our economy, then they need to relocate so that the government can wake up”.

First, we do not know if the party leadership sat, discussed and agreed on this matter. Whereas an inquisitorial line is apt to hold the government to account for the economic and governance malaise in the country, we reject opposing anything simply because the government supports it.

We should be proud of them and the opportunities available. It is our position that the FDC, which has prospects of leading this country, should exhibit more maturity than the ruling National Resistance Movement by fighting for people-centred openings such as the RSCE.

It is our position that endorsing relocation of RSCE, which will continue to benefit Uganda and elevate its profile long after President Museveni’s departure, is akin to pressing the self-destruct button.

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