Democracy & Governance

The FDC will ensure that citizens are finally able to reclaim their power. The ruling regime has reduced political participation, undermined public institutions, and stifled economic growth. Better governance from the FDC will turn Uganda’s political…

Economic Development

The FDC led government will get our economy growing faster , in a more inclusive way and in a manner that creates new and well-paying jobs . We are offering Ugandans an alternative economic growth path that is focused on accelerating inclusive development…


FDC is committed to develop, adopt and systematically implement an integrated infrastructure plan. The plan will promote economic development, job creation, stronger public services and increased connectivity. Energy The FDC Commitment Generation…

Health & Education

The government under FDC will not give excuses for failure to deliver basic, essential services to our population. Access to Health Services The FDC Commitment Our health services work force will be given a rewarding and compensation…

Youth Empowerment

We must return honor to our young people, give them the opportunity to imagine and think big. Big ideas and innovations are ordinarily the handwork of young people. The FDC-led government will put the youth at the centre of Uganda’s socio-economic a…

Women Empowerment

The FDC is offering the women of Uganda a new deal to walk with them away from patronage to real economic, political and social empowerment. Women’s Rights are Human Rights The FDC Commitment Adopt and implement policies and actions t…


The aims and objectives for which the Party was formed are to:

  1. Unite and facilitate reconciliation between and among the people of Uganda.
  2. Achieve sustainable peace, development, a culture of dialogue, compromise, tolerance and good governance.
  3. Eliminate inequalities created by mismanagement of public affairs
  4.  Fight poverty, ignorance, disease, and all forms of discrimination.
  5. Establish and maintain good relationships between Uganda and her neighbors,
  6. Promote sub-regional and regional integration efforts
  7. Act as a platform to promote democracy, good governance, constitutionalism and rule of law.
  8. Enhance integrity, transparency, and
    accountability in the management of public
  9.  Strengthen institutions of Government and promote the principle of separation of powers and democracy.

10. Pursue constitutional, non-partisan and professional management of the public service, the army, prison service, the police and other security organs.

11. Support cultural and traditional institutions

12. Establish a policy of zero tolerance on corruption.

13. Support and promote the struggle for the rights of women, children, the aged, the disabled and all other marginalized groups through the implementation of affirmative action.

14. Cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives and where possible work jointly toachieve the said objectives.


The guiding principles of the Party shall be:


In order to ensure that women are adequately represented in all party structures, the party shall implement a program of affirmative action for women of at least 40% in all its structures. The method of achieving such implementation shall be detailed in all party guidelines, party Platform and manifesto.