The government under FDC will not give excuses for failure to deliver basic, essential services to our population.

Access to Health Services

The FDC Commitment

  • Our health services work force will be given a rewarding and compensation package. The starting salary for nurse will be UGX650,000 while that of a doctor will be UGX3.5 million.
  • Establish a health insurance scheme to ensure coverage for all citizens who do not have insurance from private health service providers or work-based insurance schemes
  • Establish a nation-wide emergence ambulance and air rescue service that will be accessible to every citizen in need and offer specialized services for women and especially mothers.

Water & Sanitation

The FDC Commitment

  • Increase access to safe drinking water  to 100% within 5 years
  • Increase funding to the water sector and prioritise the provision of water and sanitation in rural and slum areas
  • Involve the private sector in extending water supply at subsidized rates to the poor and the majority of our people in slum areas.


The FDC Commitment

  • Increase remuneration for primary school teachers to UGX650,000 and UGX1,000,000 for secondary school teachers.
  • Introduce compulsory universal primary education for all school-going primary school children
  • Design and implement a publicly funded school feeding programme for primary and secondary school children

“Our promise to the people of Uganda and the health care community is that our actions will transform the healthcare system of our country and make it work for every Uganda.”

— FDC Manifesto