We must return honor to our young people, give them the opportunity to imagine and think big. Big ideas and innovations are ordinarily the handwork of young people. The FDC-led government will put the youth at the centre of Uganda’s socio-economic and political transformation agenda.

Fostering Hope, Realizing Potential

The FDC Commitment

  • Dedicate at least 30 percent of opportunities such as funding, jobs and procurement available under publicly funded programmes for the benefit of the youth.
  • Facilitate smooth transitions of youth from school to the world of work by establishing 10 regional employment transition training centres, including training to increase occupational and geographical mobility of labor.
  • Offer dedicated competitive financial support to private BTVET institutions to scale up enrollment and completion in areas of priority skills training. Our target is to ensure that at least 100,000 students enrol into private BTVET facilities every year.
  • Create incentives for public-private partnerships to benefit the young unemployed people.

“The youth are energetic, innovative, spontaneous and creative. They don’t see the same barriers for change to happen. They themselves are the change.”

— FDC Manifesto