Pupils at Rec-Kiceke Primary School in Amuru District seat in a crowded classroom. By failing to provide a quality education to the Nation’s children, we are robbing the future from them. The FDC led government will eliminate over crowding in classrooms as a priority.

The mission of the Forum for Democratic Change is to work for a socially, economically and politically transformed Uganda where Ugandan citizens: men, women, youth and children live a life of dignity, have access to equal opportunity and become masters of their own destiny. This mission is rooted in our ideological conviction and belief that leadership is a service and those who are called to serve must do it with humility, dignity and with uttermost respect for individual freedoms and liberties as enshrined in our national constitution and international covenants. This is what distinguishes us from others especially the incumbent leaders who take leadership as a right.

[vc_mybloquotes custom_text=”The FDC is committed to offer Ugandans a brand of political and public
service leadership that is transformative, selfless, and patriotic. We are committed
to pursue policies that make growth more inclusive, create new, decent and well-paying jobs, dramatically improve the quality of public service delivery and strengthen citizenship”]

This Policy Agenda and the principles, values and policy commitments stated herein are therefore not just political promises, rather, it is our pledge and a compact with the people of Uganda to offer an alternative leadership that espouses the dignity of the human person, meritbased leadership, social justice and equal opportunity to every Ugandan woman, man, youth and child.o.

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