We bring you greetings from the FDC,

It is hard to say we are happy to be here for there is no happiness in this environment, and most importantly the plight of our fellow women

The women of Uganda are the heartbeat and the pulse of the Nation. They constitute more than half of our Nation’s population. They are the managers of the bulk of households. For the most part, they look after our Nation’s children and therefore, shape the character of the Nation. Women are the backbone of our economy with a bigger percentage engaged in agriculture, literally producing all the food that feeds the country.

This is unfinished business. The FDC believes that this “unfinished business” cannot be finished by doing the same old things, the same old way and by applying the same failed policies by the same government, and the women expect a different result.

As we celebrate the international women’s week, we believe this government has not done enough to elevate the social, economic welfare of a common woman.

To accelerate women’s economic empowerment and social protection, the FDC believes a government that cares should among others:-

Adopt and implement policies and actions to deliver gender-sensitive financial services, gender sensitive business development services, and increase the representation of women entrepreneurs in public policy-making.

Ensure that 15 percent of all Sectorial budgets and local government budgets are committed to development and spending on programmes that address the specific needs of women.

Dedicate 15 percent of all government supported loan programmes towards women and women owned business, with a special funding window for women engaged in artisan and value addition enterprises.

Give priority to women under the land registration programme to increase the percentage of women controlling the land they cultivate.

On behalf of the Women League and the FDC institution, I thank the team of medical officers for the great services and sacrifice you have rendered to this country Uganda.

As you are aware, the current regime of NRM has let you down through its unending corruption. We are saddened by pea nut payments you earn from this regime, yet as a party we promised to improve the wages of health workers to a basic of at least Three Million Shillings (3m). It’s embarrassing; the same regime has failed to equip the hospitals to help health workers perform better.

The conditions in this country, like corruption (stealing of iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja), poor governance, torture, poverty, homelessness, land grabbing, family breakdown, Gender Based Violence, among others have led to majority members in this hospital Butabika. As FDC, we believe prevention is better than cure.

FDC shall continue to call upon this regime to increase the health sector budget, increase salaries of medical workers, improve their working conditions, put in place rehabilitation Centers and put counselors at least at every parish.

FDC members of Parliament shall continue to talk about the concerns of health workers and lobbing for improved medical working conditions. You are not alone in this struggle; FDC will always stand by your side.

FDC through its members has mobilized some items to support fellow women under your care. As we celebrate women in this month of March, we have brought pads, Soap, Sugar, Liquid soap, Milk for babies, Pampers, and Maama kits to expectant mothers.

Thank you very much for the kind welcome, may the good Lord bless and protect you as you continue serving this country.

For God and My Country

One Uganda One People


Nangonzi Faridah


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