FDC stands united with the people of Kasese in this time of unprecedented grief. As a Nation, we mourn the loss of young lives at the hands of assailants whom the government claims to be ADF rebels from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

We are informed that about 42 lives were lost, to which three (3) Adults and thirty Nine (39) Children including one of our own member in the Youth League called Itungo Macklin. She has been the Secretary for Students Affairs of Nyamirami Youth Council in Karambe Sub County, Bukonzo West Constituency.

Recently, the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) deployed our soldiers to Congo without approval of Parliament, under the operation named SHUJA. The objective of this operation was to eradicate the ADF rebels from Congo and effectively bring back the much desired peace that has evaded us in decades.

However, despite three months passing since the deployment, there have been no tangible results. Taxpayer’s money is being spent without any visible outcomes to justify this expenditure.

In this particular attack, we were informed that the rebels infiltrated Uganda from Congo, carried out their mission by harking, shooting or burning, and returned with captives and provisions like food supplies without any hindrance. We also curiously note that this particular attack came two days after the welcome release of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu and triumphant return of the Royal Guards to their homes.

The affected school is located 800m within the proximity of a police station, 1.5km of a Division Police headquarters and 2 km of a UPDF barracks. We also have information to the effect that those who committed this heinous crime were noticed 2 days within the area they struck and had two weeks before attacked Kasinde town across the border from Mpondwe killing a number of people. And yet all these incidents were not enough to attract the attention of our security forces to act to protect the civilian population.

As the FDC, we call upon the UPDF to prioritize the protection of our borders to prevent any rebel incursions from Congo into Uganda.

As a nation, we derive direct benefit from these continued foreign deployments, which have continued to inflict pain on Ugandans, like the recent loss of our UPDF soldiers in Somalia.


We urge Mr. Museveni to refrain from attempting to showcase military might to neighboring countries when he has yet to secure our own borders. It is reminiscent of a man who neglects his family’s well-being but boasts to others in the village about his ability to provide for them.



In 2021 General Elections, EC connived with Rt. Hon. Anita Among Annet to disenfranchise and illegally remove a number of candidates using illegal court orders, buy out and intimidation. To-date, this matter of the woman MP Bukedea has never come to its conclusion, and as FDC we are determined to take her on, since she has refused to outgrow the excessive ego to give the people of Bukedea an opportunity to determine their leaders.

We are informed, Hon. Anita Among Annet, facilitated pre-ticking of ballots at her school Bukedea Comprehensive School in Bukedea and made sure by 6am on voting day, ballot boxes are full. Byabakama and his lame Electoral Commission shamelessly and powerlessly couldn’t call off such an illegal election, giving legitimacy to theft. How does a fully-fledged Electoral Commission fail to understand that this type of election doesnot pass the test of democracy and must be quashed with no regrets.

The FDC also found out that majority of the Presiding Officers were security personnel, brought to man elections on behalf of Electoral Commission. How can a mere presiding officer refuse a Political Party to appoint or disappoint a polling agent?  The presiding officers were under a mission and by 6:50am, majority polling stations had all their ballot papers already cast. This is even before official time for opening the polling station and voting (7:00) had been arrived. So if EC by its bear minimum couldn’t stop such an occurrence, what can they do?

You also need to be informed that Many voters reached polling stations when voting had been done on their behalf, Security forces were deployed at all polling stations, did the ballot staffing and resorted to arresting those who demanded to exercise their rights. Surprisingly, the presiding officers could ask for the initials of the would be voters and then tell them to go back since there were no ballot papers. Media persons were brutalized while covering such incidences, and we find this rot in Uganda’s Politics disheartening

Finally, to have a by-election of the LCV Chairman, it takes about six (6) months, how could Electoral Commission wait to the tail end to announce a roadmap? Even when we are not happy with the 6 day campaign Electoral Commission gave a district with 16 sub counties, we also petitioned the credibility of the NRM candidate Akol Mary for having a Diploma Certificate which is not serialized and with No Registration Number or Index Number. In the first place Electoral Commission refused to disqualify the NRM candidate and continued to preside over an illegal election. We promise as a Party to continue pursuing the issues in Bukedea to bring sanity.



Today Monday, 19th June 2023, the FDC flag bearer Dr. Okello Newton Freddy will be dully nominated as a candidate to run for Oyam North County By-Election by the District Electoral Commission at 12:00pm.

After the nomination, the candidate will make a series of road stop over campaigns around the constituency.

As usual, coming from Bukedea and the type of election as it was, the Party understands how the Oyam by-election must be managed. We hope the police and security forces don’t continue to traumatize the people of Oyam and Northern Uganda by killing and arresting with no crime members of the constituency and leaders who come to offer democratic and civil support to their candidate.

We call upon all our supporters and the people of Oyam North County to not be shaken by any intimidation because the FDC party will deliver a people’s protracted victory. We have a team on ground that has gone ahead to nominate the FDC candidate and the Lango leadership is ready to spear head the campaigns, mobilizing the people against the Junta and we are sure in a free fair and credible election, victory is on our side come 6th June 2023.



Blessed week ahead, One Uganda One People




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