The FDC is today nominating Baguma Alozious Kigema as our flag bearer for the Busongola South constituency.

In this case, Kasese being our stronghold, we call upon our sister political parties in the opposition to render their support behind our candidate following our recent working relationship and we won’t disappoint.

As a reminder to all our supporters in Busongora South  and Bukimbiri constituencies respectively to stand strong in the forthcoming by elections , as a means to blockading the NRMs continued efforts of hindering  a democratic election premised on the principles of free and fairness.

The NRM seems to be determined to rig all the upcoming by-lections using state machinery and it’s high time we stopped them.



Uganda’s contingent to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham has not only participated but also competed to the highest level winning several medals especially Double Gold from Jacob Kiplimo, Victor Kiplangat ,and Bronze from Peruth Chemutai and Teddy Nakimuli .

FDC congratulates the gallant women and men athletes for their success in the games, and urge them to keep up the spirit of flying the Ugandan flag high on the global stage, not withstanding the limited resources allocated to the sports industry plus the lack of technical training facilities like high altitude training centers in Sebei and Kigezi regions.

We urge the government to put to consideration the above mentioned issues, as means to have the continued success stories in the sports industry, both on the African and international stage. Previously it has been sheer personal determination of the athletes and their private sponsors to keep to form of competing favorably with their counterparts on like the Kenyans, Ethiopians.

Lastly the government should explore and equip sports science discipline with all the tools it needs to discover, explore the existing and maintain other sports like javelin, pole vault and rowing because there is so much untapped talent in Uganda, case in point Kathleen Grace Noble who was the first ever certified Ugandan rower at the Olympics.


Uganda has been in the past faced with several calamities both natural and man made, and these have left scores of internally displaced persons across the board from the north to the south of the country living in temporary settlement camps like Muhokya camp in Kasese district as second-class citizens in deplorable conditions not befitting any human being .

Some of the IPDs have been in camps for more than a decade waiting either resettlement or repatriation back home, that is to say, the numerous flood victims in Kasese and those who were fleeing the LRA insurgence in Northern Uganda respectively, The government that is largely responsible for these citizens has taken benignity as its stance .

As the FDC we urge government to always lower peoples’ expectations if it cannot meet them. The government should be reminded to check upon those internally displaced persons in camps because the list is increasing due to the recent floods in Mbale as Kasese is also a waiting time bomb.

Lastly the government should also operationalize the Atlas for the disaster prone areas it did launch some years to good use by passing early warnings to the disaster prone areas as an option of avoiding the adverse effects  of these calamities.


August 9th will see our brothers in the east the Kenyans are go to polls to elect their leaders democratically through  elections .The campaigns have been largely peaceful not withstanding the fact that they are heated but the security forces have kept relative peace as sign of non-partisanship.

We do call upon the Ugandan government and the state machinery to pick a leaf that elections do not necessarily have been grounds for human right violations rather a peace making endeavor.

As the FDC, we wish all Kenyans a peaceful election and to uphold the democracy.

Secondly Alassane Quattarra the current president of Cote dvoirre has finally pardoned his predecessor Koudou Laurent Gbagbo in a historic event on the African continent. This is should be an eye opener to all political actors especially those in power that politics must be friendly and matters of the national interest, the ways and means of consolidating peace and tranquility in our country.

We call upon the government to take this initiative of pardoning and reconciling the numerous political prisoners because their only crime they ever committed was to be on the opposing side of the NRM.

Thank you.

One Uganda, one People.





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