FDC held the 15th National Council Meeting on 24th and 25th November 2022, we thank all the stakeholders for their relentless efforts towards the journey of democratization and making the meeting a success. We urge the public to take keen interest in reading the 3rd FDC Strategic Plan.

FDC on 3rd December commemorated the International PWDs day with an official function held at the party headquarters spearheaded by the secretary for PWDs affairs Mr Ouma Danis, We appreciate the support offered to all our members. Kindly note FDC is an all-inclusive Party; we call upon all Ugandans to embrace FDC Party.



For the past months, heightened drone abductions that are politically motivated have been on a rise by people assumed to be coming from security forces. Unfortunately they target political actors and activists across the country, majorly from the opposition.

Last week saw the abduction of Joseph Kabuleta, by security personnel from his NEED platform and taken to unknown place and later charges of sectarianism slapped on him by the courts of law. But we all know that one who speaks truth to the powers becomes the victim.

We call upon the Human Rights Commission and other Human Rights Defenders to come out strongly against such acts and holding the perpetuators to book.

In another related development the continued security crisis that is disturbing the country, especially unresolved murders particularly those targeting Boda Boda cyclists  ,gender based violence , suicides like where a parlifeneria in Mubende who hanged himself because of the lockdown effects and failing to support his family with basic and essential needs.

Lastly on this issue the way government has started to link some opposition actors to the recent attacks on the security installations, for example one Sekimpi ,whom police reported to have killed in an operation in the past and his political affiliation to opposition, let the Police and its sister security work out a proper plan led by intelligence so that it does not use this as a means of gagging political freedom .



The president to the Uganda Medical Association made remarks last week during an NRM youth engagement at Kololo grounds, endorsing President Museveni’s 2026 presidential bid. This body was created to streamline the Medical profession and its member’s welfare, which the government has been against. This ACT was irrational, unprofessional and contravenes the principles of the medical profession. Medical Practitioners are expected to exhibit high standards of neutrality, since they serve the public regardless of one’s color, height, tribe, social status, religious and political affiliation.

Such reckless ACTs should always be avoided because as Union leaders, this behavior causes stifling of service due to division of the medical practitioners.


The Constitutional court nullified section 168 (1) (c and d) of the Penal Code Act that creates an offence commonly known as being Idle and disorderly.

This draconian law,  section 168, plus a couple of others like Public Management Order Act  have been used as a tool to cramp down on political engagements majorly the opposition with the objective of instilling fear in opposition  political actors making it hard to realize the democratic principle of freedom to of association .

Hopefully the court decision stands because the NRM regime will use its machinery and trickery to further reinstate it, due to the fact its political survival entirely thrives on the muzzling of the opponents yet we are in a multi-party dispensation.

We hope this law and other small crimes (felonies, Misdemeanors, and infractions) can be disband from court and empower local councils who live and dine with the same people

One Uganda One People




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