We thank the people of Dokolo district who supported and voted for our candidate, Dr. Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, in the just concluded by-election. The results depict the Dokolo is an opposition belt. When add the 23,044 votes for the UPC and the FDC’s 8,168 votes, the total comes to over 30,000 depicting the same level of support Imat garnered in 2021.

We congratulate the UPC candidate, Hon. Sarah Ogutti, for winning this fiercely contested election. We may have not won primarily due to malicious propaganda against her and various other factors, which we will thoroughly analyze for future reference. We commend Dr. Rosemary Ogwal for flying the FDC flag high during this by-election.

While acknowledging the valuable lessons learned from this experience, we must address the nefarious tactics employed by the NRM to disrupt the elections. For instance, our team intercepted a Toyota Harrier registration No. UBD 614W, belonging to NRM operatives, carrying pre-ticked ballot papers, there  were also high levels of voter bribery and intimidation.



Last week, President Yoweri Museveni made several changes in his cabinet and within the army, appointing his son as the Chief of Defence Force (CDF) and relocating Gen. Mbandi from his position at the helm of UPDF to the Ministry of Trade.

In the FDC, we view the promotion of Mr. Museveni’s son to CDF and the appointment of Patriotic League of Uganda promoters to key ministerial positions as indicative that the succession plan from Mr. Museveni to his son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, is taking shape. Uganda now operates under a family rule, with Yoweri Museveni as president, his wife Janet Kataha Museveni as Minister of Education, his younger brother Salim Saleh as senior presidential advisor on military matters, his son-in-law Odrek Rwabogo as Special Presidential Advisor, and now his son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as Chief of Defence Forces. It is evident that significant strategic decisions for the country are being made within the family meeting.

The FDC is also alarmed by Mr. Museveni’s ongoing reduction of cabinet influence, demonstrated by the retention of positions for his allies and the introduction of new members, dubbed “bavubi,” for his son. This bloated cabinet burdens the taxpayer and fails to deliver tangible benefits to Ugandans, rendering its relevance questionable. Some members have been implicated in criminal activities, such as the theft of iron sheets, with only a few being relieved of their duties while others remain in cabinet despite their involvement. If the intention was to combat corruption, all individuals implicated in the iron sheet scandal should have faced consequences.

Furthermore, the cabinet reshuffle dispels the false narrative propagated by our colleagues at Katonga that the FDC leadership colluded with the NRM. The absence of any appointed FDC officials in the cabinet reaffirms that our party has no cooperation agreement with NRM or President Museveni. Additionally, if such collusion had occurred, Mr. Museveni’s influence would have aided the FDC in rigging the Dokolo by-election in our favor.



We extend our congratulations to our Christian brothers and sisters for jointly observing the Lent period, culminating in Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and  commencing the holy week leading to Easter weekend.

Likewise, we pay tribute to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan, entering into the second 10 days of this sacred period.

We urge all Ugandans, regardless of religious affiliation, to utilize this fasting period as an opportunity to earnestly pray to the Almighty for an end to endemic corruption, family rule, poverty, land grabbing, and other pressing challenges.


Thank you

For God and my Country

One Uganda One People.




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