Yesterday, Uganda marked 60 years of independence. As expected, the population didn’t join Gen. Museveni in celebrating the country’s birthday. The population abandoned the 60th anniversary to Museveni, his ministers, regime beneficiaries and a handful of visiting presidents.

This is because the 37 years of Mr. Museveni that account for more than half of Uganda’s Independence, have undermined the country’s statehood and reduced the population into captives.

Uganda, a country endowed with natural resources, highest amount of rainfall in the world and fertile soils, at 60, exports more girls to work as house girls to the Arab world than coffee. These girls have harrowing stories to tell yet they continue flocking the Middle East in their thousands.

In fact if it were not for visa and other requirements, the whole population would have abandoned Uganda to Museveni, his family and regime beneficiaries.

At Entebbe Airport, planes are everyday filled with young girls fleeing economic hardships yet Museveni and his wife are allocated Shs 677 billion at State House annually in the budget.

At Kololo yesterday, Museveni spoke of a prosperous country. Mind you this little prosperity is the collective contribution of a subjugated population. The Labour ministry reported recently that girls we export to the Middle East, bring in Shs 3.4 trillion every year.

This is more money than the Shs 1 trillion that Museveni put in the budget to finance his miracle Parish Development Model (PDM).

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) calls for the reconstruction of the Uganda’s statehood. One of the guests at Kololo was President William Ruto from the neighbouring Kenya where peaceful elections are held and state power transferred peacefully. That is what Uganda wants.

All these good dreams of borderless East Africa, political federation as advocated by President Ruto, won’t work with a subjugated population. Our fore fathers resisted colonialists not just because of their colour but because they wanted self-determination. They wanted to determine their leaders, so they can hold them accountable. Mr. Museveni who captured power by gun and has remained in power because of the gun is as an impostor as Sir Andrew Cohen, the last British governor in Uganda.



The whole of last week, the country was discussing Museveni’s family again.

His spoilt son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba who until last week was commander of the country’s land forces, repeatedly and unprovoked insulted Kenya in several of his tweets.

He tweeted that he can capture Nairobi in one week. He later suggested that his “great father” should be the president of East Africa and that the Kenyan President should be his deputy. That the President of Rwanda is only fit to be minister in that government of East Africa led by his father.

The FDC President Hon. Eng. Patrick Amuriat spoke about this indiscipline and we hereby re-iterate our strong objection to this.

The FDC wants Muhoozi Kainerugaba to be court-martialed, dismissed from the army with disgrace and sent to Luzira.

That is what section 145 of the UPDF Act on Scandalous behavior by officers say. 145 (1) An officer  who behaves in a scandalous manner  unbecoming of an officer, commits an offense and is, on conviction, liable to suffer dismissal from the Defence Forces with or without disgrace.

145 (2) For purposes of this section, “scandalous conduct” means the personal conduct of an officer which is generally against public order, expectations and morality, whether or not the conduct directly or indirectly affects others.

The law is very clear. This is scandalous behavior. By promoting him, Museveni went against the spirit of the law. In fact, this precedent of rewarding misconduct, will now be used by others.

The FDC might be tempted to seek judicial review of Muhoozi treatment/promotion after his scandalous behavior.

Mr. Museveni is a good herdsman. Why doesn’t he employ his son at one of his farms if he thinks he is a very good manager?



On Thursday October 6th, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Eng. Hon. Patrick Amuriat Oboi, FDC Deputy President Hon. William Nzoghu and a team of senior leaders were blocked from delivering relief items to the people of Kasese who were recently affected by the floods.

The truck carrying mattresses, blankets, jerrycans, hoes, clothes and other household items donated by the FDC to the people of Kasika village, Rukoki sub-county in Busongora South was blocked shortly after Kasese Town.

Police and the military that mounted a roadblock claimed that FDC had not sought clearance from the District Disaster Committee. Yet the last time, we delivered food items through this disaster committee, they never reached or were repackaged as items from office of Prime Minister.







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