Uganda is a country of unrivaled potential and immense opportunity. Our strategic positioning at the heart of the Great Lakes Sub-region makes our country a gateway into one of the world’s regions endowed with immense natural resources.

However, the harnessing and development of this potential can only be triggered and accelerated by a selfless leadership and a small, smart and efficient Government. A leadership that believes that Government does not own citizens but citizens own Government. A Government that believes in its citizens and the ideals of political, social and economic freedom and opportunity as the foundation for individual enterprise and the prosperity of all as the true vision of national social, political and economic transformation.

The Forum for Democratic Change seeks to offer Uganda a leadership that selflessly invests in building credible, confident and functional institutions whose overriding purposes are:

  1. To defend the dignity of every Ugandan without discrimination;
  2. To grow the economy and expand opportunity by investing in rebuilding household and local government economies and creating jobs;
  3. To secure individual freedoms and liberties as the foundations for prosperity and socio-economic transformation; and
  4. To defend Uganda’s territorial integrity and claim her space in the international community of Nations.

Millions of Ugandans across the country are prepared to leap forward. Join and be part of shaping the future that we deserve.