Today May 9th schools re-open for the second term after a one month holiday. This is the second time that our children are reporting for studies after a two year lockdown imposed by government because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

As a party we stand with parents returning children to school under very difficult economic conditions. Prices of all goods in the country have increased. And this is the worst economic time in our recent history. Worst because the population was still recovering from the effects of numerous lockdowns of their businesses and lives due to sometimes hysterical government responses to the Covid pandemic.

The FDC therefore appeals to schools’ proprietors and management not to turn away children who are unable to pay school fees and to meet other school requirements. Parents and guardians should be afforded a payment schedule covering a whole term. Requiring full payment from cash stricken parents at the beginning of the term is not only inhuman in the circumstances but prohibitive and discriminatory.

The FDC demands that government also relaxes some of the requirements imposed on schools and learners. All candidates in primary seven, senior four, senior six, and tertiary institutions must be allowed to sit for their exams including those who have not yet paid for Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) registration fees. Children sitting for senior six must not be forced to produce a valid national identification card. In fact government should if absolutely necessary visit all schools to register those who missed registration in the previous exercises.

Enforcement of compliance to the Ministry of Education standards by all schools should also be relaxed and staggered as schools themselves recover from the effects of the pandemic.


While as a party, we welcome foreign investors into our country, the FDC warns those particular investors who are colluding with Mr. Museveni and his government to fleece our country.

Of particular interest to the FDC and to the country is Ms. Enrica Pinetti, an Italian who has been given hefty contracts directly or on orders of Mr. Museveni. This investor was given a contract in 2018 to construct a super specialized hospital at Lubowa on Entebbe Road in 48 months which she will in return sell to Uganda.

Lubowa the site of the hospital is public land measuring 32 acres. It was given to Pinetti for free.

In addition government guaranteed $350 million (Shs 1.2 trillion) which Pinetti was supposed to borrow to finance the construction of the hospital. Government also undertook to make annual payments to Pinetti as part payment for the hospital.

Last year, we paid Shs 340 billion to Pinetti and government has included Shs 319 billion in next year’s budget which we will pay to Pinetti. This means, at less than a quarter of work done, we are paying her more than half of the total project value.

This money is budgeted for under Treasury Operations Vote 130, under Ministry of Finance which is Uganda’s debt management fund.

Mind you, the country is running a Shs 16 trillion debt fund to pay for interest which is about Shs 7 trillion. The remainder is for paying principle.

Pinetti is now part of the reason, Finance is asking for Shs 16 trillion to manage the debt.  This is robbery by Mr. Museveni’s government.

And as Pinetti continues to smile her way to the bank, government has not budgeted for Shs 24.1 billion to rehabilitate and construct facilities at regional referral hospitals such as Masaka, Mbarara, Jinja, Iganga, Soroti, Mbale and Gulu. There is no money (Shs 8 billion) in the budget being considered by Parliament to buy medical equipment for regional referral hospitals such as CT scan, digital X-ray, HD vehicle, new oxygen plants but there is money for Pinetti.

The same woman has been given a contract to monopolize our coffee and contracts to construct six roads.

People coming into Uganda please know, these contracts, will not be honoured once the country get rid of Museveni which is soon. At the moment the population is at gun point and contracts signed when the population is at gunpoint won’t be honoured.

This serves to warn local investors who are partaking in the looting of our country. One such investor is Sudhir Rupaleria.

Sudhir fraudulently acquired more than 10 acres which used to house Shimoni demonstration school and Shimoni PTC. He constructed there a 12 floor building and is charging government about Shs 15 billion per year.

Parliament alone which occupies six floor is paying Shs 8 billion and Shs 1 billion for parking. Ridiculous. That you pay for space and parking separately. That building also houses Ministry of East African Affairs, Equal Opportunities Commission and other government entities. Almost 90 percent of the tenants are government institutions.

Sudhir must be aware that all this money and Shimoni land will be recovered once the dictator is felled down.


We welcome the filing of a suit against Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (commander land force), Gen Wilson Mbadi (CDF) and the attorney general relating to political pronouncements that Muhoozi has made or been making at  his birthday parties.

We thank lawyer Tegule Gawaya for filing the case and hope the Constitutional Court will expeditiously and transparently determine it.

The conduct of Muhoozi goes against the Constitution, the UPDF Act and the Code of Conduct for the army. His remarks and printing of campaign T-shirts for the 2026 general elections is outright campaign that should make Muhoozi a candidate for general court martial. That should make Lt. Gen. Muhoozi a candidate for Court martial and not Presidential Elections.

But because he is a son of Museveni, his crimes against the Constitution are instead being cheered by the whole military leadership and cabinet ministers.

Museveni must educate his family to know that Uganda is not part of his estate that they will inherit when he eventually dies. We want to encourage Musveni to handout a list of his properties to his children and wives. Uganda is not a family property and Kainerugaba must know this.

We will mobilize the country to resist any attempt by Museveni to handle over our country to any member of his family. If they want, let them share Rwakitura and Kisozi and not Uganda.


Hon. Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda


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