We congratulate the Muslims in Uganda and international upon reaching the Holly month of Ramadhan.
To our Muslim brothers and sisters, May this Holy month of Ramadan be as glorious as ever regardless of the challenges we are facing as a nation.
“Fasting has been prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you in order to guard against evil.” Q(2:183).

As we embark on this important journey, it’s imperative for us to reflect on how to better ourselves during and after this holy month for only this will save us from being losers with the consequences that come along.
As you fast and offer prayers to the Almighty Allah, may all your wishes come true and May the Almighty Allah accept our Ibadat
Being in a challenging economic situation, please let’s share the little we have with those in need.

May the Almighty Allah accept our Ibadat.
Ramadan Kareem!


The FDC continues to be concern over the insecurity in the Northeast of the country caused by marauding cattle rustlers in Karamoja. Approximately 1,626 suspected rustlers are reported arrested, 291 of those are reported to have been prosecuted. We are concerned about gruesome pictures of alleged rustlers coming from Karamoja which continues to be shared in the media after Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba swore to go after the warriors. Reports reaching us indicate that innocent lives have been lost out of the military operation against the raiders.

While this is happening raids continue to happen in the districts within and neighboring Karamoja especially in Kapelebyong, Katakwi, Kumi, Bukedea, Abim and Agago where scores of lives have been lost and massive displacement of people continues on a daily basis. People live in squalid continues with no food and shelter.

It’s sad that although 14,898 livestock have been recovered from the on going joint operation between the UPDF and the Police, return of the livestock to the rightful owners has not yet happened.
We challenge government to ensure return of stolen livestock to the rightful owners. We also demand an inquiry on reports of that some elements with the Ugandan military are accomplices in the criminal raids devastating the region.

We ask the concerned government department to extend relief assistance to displaced people some of whom now live in camps.

As the FDC we propose that 360 degrees political solution be put into action because of Karamoja subregion’s special place in the geopolitics of the East African .The EAC, IGAD and the governments in South Sudan ,Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to angange and to stop the proliferation firearms source used mainly by the rustlers.

A working socio economic package should be put put in place for the region not mere political emptier as the government has done for past 30 years in order to lure the warring tribes ,that’s livelihood options other than cattle rustling for most of the unemployed youths.

Lastly, a truth and reconciliation program to amend the broken communities to end the rustling for revenge activities and bring peace to the region and the neighboring communities in Northwestern Kenya especially the Pokot Turkana and southern remote regions of South Sudan.


The DRC our neighbors to the West at last joined the EAC bloc after decades of failed trials on the 29th,March ,2022 becoming the 7th member partner.
With a total of 92 plus million people coming on board Ugandan products have a potential market to Uganda’s products. This is an economic opportunity to boost our balance of trade.

Job opportunities would be open for the many East Africans and Congolese thus fostering unity and livelihoods prosperity.
We welcome the DRC to the EAC despite the burdens it brings along.
This should be an opportunity for the EAC to embrace peace in the region. DRC has for long accused Rwanda of backing M23 rebels that causing the trouble; Uganda too has its own responsibility for the insecurity in the DRC to sort out.

The volatile Political situation in DRC especially the Eastern Region because of the absence of the government, the militia to takes advantage and reeks to the population leaving hundreds dead and many scores of refugees influx into Uganda so the EAC partnership could be a blessing in disguise both militarily and political solution thusly peace and tranquillity in the region.

As the FDC ,we urge the member states to stand ground and workout a proper transition wholistic plan for the DRC with all its attendant security challenges political baggage before signing the final Ascension Treaty.


Yesterday Sunday, April 03, 2022 the daily monitor run a story “Inside multibillion coffee deal govt signed with UVCC” detailing how the government surrendered the entire country’s coffee business to a controversial Italian investor.
According to the daily monitor, Finance minister Matia Kasaija signed on behalf of government, while Ms Enrica Pinetti signed on behalf of Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Limited (UVCC).

Mr Ramadhan Ggoobi, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, also the secretary to the Treasury, and UVCC’s company secretary Moses Matovu, witnessed the signing.
The same company was given free land in the Industrial and Business Park at Namanve and will enjoy exemption of taxes.
This company was incorporated in January 9, 2014 and is believed to be owned by a one Enrica Pinetti.

Ms Pinetti is the woman behind the controversial Lubowa National Specialised Hospital that received a trillion shillings loan courtesy of a government guarantee, the project continues to run with no tangible results.

Ms Pinetti—who was in 2019 given the green light to erect a children’s hospital in Entebbe—has previously been accused of doing shoddy work in Libya and Chad.

This agreement is one of the fraudulent deals that this government has engaged at the expense of Ugandan Tax payers.
We ask government to come out clear on this and make such agreements available to the public.


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