The FDC will ensure that citizens are finally able to reclaim their power. The ruling regime has reduced political participation, undermined public institutions, and stifled economic growth. Better governance from the FDC will turn Uganda’s political situation around.

Restoring the Power of Citizens

The FDC Commitment

  • Restore presidential term limit in the constitution and entrenching the clause in the Constitution.
  • Reduce the powers of the president regarding appointments and require that all public service appointments be effected through an open, transparent and competitive process.
  • Eliminate all forms of policy, legal and administrative restrictions to the legitimate operations of the media and civil society.

Restructure Government & Eliminate Waste

The FDC Commitment

  • Undertake appropriate reforms to reduce the size of parliament from the projected 420 MPs to not more than 190 MPs.
  • Reduce the size of the cabinet to not more than 21 cabinet ministers. Strengthen offices of Permanent Secretaries, Directors and Commissioners.
  • Strengthening decentralization and local economic development by adopting policies to achieve administrative and fiscal decentralization, and supporting federal and local governments to become units of economic organization and transformation.

Eliminate Corruption

The FDC Commitment

  • Strengthen anti-corruption institutions and mechanisms to detect and prevent corruption and stealing of public funds.
  • Locate and recover all stolen public funds and public assets that have been stolen and expropriated through illegitimate means.
  • Undertake legal and administrative reforms to ensure expeditious prosecution of corrupt persons in both the public and private sector.

“The corrupt have enjoyed their honeymoon under the incumbent regime. Our country cannot afford another five years of the same poor governance.”

— FDC Manifesto