The FDC led government will get our economy growing faster, in a more inclusive way and in a manner that creates new and well-paying jobs. We are offering Ugandans an alternative economic growth path that is focused on accelerating inclusive development, creating employment and fostering equity.

Job Creation

The FDC Commitment

  • Make job creation and economic transformation the overriding rationale for economic policy and a target of creating at least 5 million new jobs over the next five years
  • Design lending facilities that ensure and improve access to affordable long-term credit for Ugandan businesses, with a special window to guarantee access to credit for women and youth-owned enterprises
  • Ensure a stable macro and fiscal policy environment by taking prudent actions to manage public expenditure and simultaneously increase revenues

Agricultural Transformation

The FDC Commitment

  • Increase the budget allocation to the agricultural sector from the current 3 percent to 10 percent within the first three years of the FDC led government.
  • Establish and fully capitalize a National Bank for Agricultural (NBA) as the epicenter for agricultural finance delivery. Through this facility, agricultural financing will be made affordable and widely accessible through appropriate outreach programmes.
  • Give priority to reviving and strengthening agricultural co-operatives as fully owned citizens’ organizations.

Land Rights & Natural Resources

The FDC Commitment

  • Undertake a public lands audit by establishing a formal judicial inquiry to ensure that all public or government land grabbed through illegitimate ways is fully recovered and its public trust uses restored for the benefit of all citizens.
  • Improve land tenure security by accelerating titling and registration of land with a target of registering atleast 3 million parcels over the next 5 years.
  • Develop a mechanism providing for a Direct Dividend Payments system as a measure to eradicate household poverty using revenues from oil and other mineral resources.

“Our vision of a successful economic policy is one that moves our people from a culture of patronage and dependency to a state of economic freedom and empowerment. Our programmes will give every Ugandan a hand up the ladder of economic success.”

— FDC Manifesto