Parliament abrogated its Constitution

Parliament abrogated its Constitution

Najjanankumbi, 2nd October 2017

Addressing Journalists this morning at the Party Headquarters, Najjanankumbi. The Deputy Spokesperson of the Forum for Democratic Change, Hon. Paul Mwiru expressed concern in regards to what happened at the Parliament of Uganda last week. “This was yet another time when Parliament abrogated its own constitution”.

As the Forum for Democratic Change, we condemn the manner in which the members of Parliament who oppose the lifting of the age limit were man handled. “We expected the speaker to have protected the members of Parliament, but instead she handed over her powers to the SFC” He said. Hon. Ssemuju Nganda, and Hon. Herbert Ariko were not part of the other 25 suspended MPs that were ruthlessly thrown out of parliament by the SFC. We protest in the strongest terms the manner in which our members were man handled.

On the issue of Hon. Kibule who was sighted having a gun in the house, he said, how did the Speaker expect the members of Parliament to react when their security was not guaranteed under such circumstances? “Did she expect them to just laugh or clap, when someone is holding a gun in the house?” He said.

It’s also important that we congratulate the Kingdom of Buganda and some religious leaders who have come out to condemn these acts. As the Forum for Democratic Change, and all forces that are against the age limit bill, the fight is still on.

“The sanctity of Parliament is our cry and the person to protect that sanctity is the speaker”.

He also condemned the manner in which Gen. Katumba Wamala conducted himself in the house. “We don’t expect him to have fought in the manner in which he did, by assuming the duties of the sergeant at arms, he actually owes Hon. Francis Zaake an apology and the country at large.

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