Press release

Press release

Najjanakumbi – 13 March 2017

Today, the Deputy Secretary Publicity, Hon. Paul Mwiru, the in his maiden speech since he was appointed, informed journalists that the party has embarked on programmes to embark on party strengthening. In this regard, the Party Youth League and Women League have today have started 3 days of retreat at the party headquarters, in which they will have an interface with the Party President, Secretary General and Treasurer General, respectively. He also added that the funding for those activities came from IPOD after the party held a review of the MoU with the funders.

In his address, the Youth League Chairman, Iddi Ouma, informed journalists that the intention of having these retreats is to review their performance as a league and consolidate on areas that needed more attention. They will also take this time to reflect on achievements, draw plans and make changes where needed, in the Leagues’s Strategic Plan. This will be done in collaboration with the main stream arm of the Party. On the issue of Park Yard, the Youth Chairman informed journalists that the process of taking government to court has been started, the matter is to be forwarded to the working committee tomorrow for approval and advise.

The Deputy Secretary for Women Central region, Nalongo Hamidah, informed journalists, that they too as Women’s League will be holding similar activities as compared to those of the Youth League. She added that, the Women League are working together with the party main organ to help contribute to the regaining of the lost stolen vote in the 2016 general elections. She also added that the FDC Women League is organising a Women’s day celebration, slated to take place on 17th March in Ngora and West Nile.

The Party President, Rtd. Maj. Gen. Mugusha Muntu, started his speech by stating that…”Poor governance creates problems for any Society”. He condemned the way in which the government runs institutions in the country, quoting a recent incident where students’ results were changed in Makerere University. He added that Government leakage of money meant for drugs right from the procurement process to delivery to the dispensaries, land grabbing etc is a sign that there is a dire need for a regime change, because money has become a source of power.

Further he stated that there are two keys issues that need be focused to reverse the trend of events in this country; Regime Change, Change of Political environment, he said one leads to the other. As FDC, to achieve that, a number of things need to be tackled which involve training of leaders at various levels of leadership, “people who want to do the right things in the right way” he said.



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