We demand Justice for Murdered Women!

We demand Justice for Murdered Women!

Najjanankumbi: While addressing journalists at the party headquarters on Monday, the spokesperson of the FDC women league, Ms Sarah Eperu, said that since women were murdered, no one has ever been prosecuted despite the FBI joining the investigation team and President Museveni visiting the scenes promising to take action. She said FDC is demanding justice for women who were murdered in Nansana and Entebbe, ahead of women’s day celebrations.

She also added that if government doesn’t take action and prosecute the suspects, she is to mobilize the families of the deceased and storm the national women’s day celebrations, to demand justice for over 20 women who were murdered.

She also said that the party’s women leaders demanded for an apology from the Uganda blood Transfusion Services for rejecting their blood.

On Valentine’s Day last week, FDC had mobilised its party members to donate blood, but the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, a government body that has the mandate to collect blood from people, made no show at their party headquarters in Nanjjanakumbi, an omission that angered its leaders and supporters.

Ms Eperu said that after their blood was rejected, there were reported deaths of some children in Moroto District over lack of blood and yet they (FDC) were offering free blood. She also added that since the country is still experiencing blood shortage, the blood bank officials should apologize to Ugandans before they can organize another date to donate blood.

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