FDC’s Charles Ekemu Passes On

FDC’s Charles Ekemu Passes On

Former Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament Charles Willy Ekemu has passed away.

The low-toned Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) politician succumbed to cancer according to party officials.

Ekemu is remembered for defeating NRM big shot Capt. Mike Mukula to the parliamentary seat in the 2016 general elections.

He however lost in the party primaries to Moses Attan during the 2011 elections and when he decided to run as an independent, he lost to Mukula.

Ekemu was also defeated in the 2016 polls when the contested again in Ngora district.

The deceased has been praised by colleagues and party leaders as self-effacing and down to earth.

“He was humble, soft spoken, loving and a gallant promoter of the struggle for Change,” said FDC’s Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija.

Another FDC member Karl Max W’mugeni recalled, “Charles was a humble man; in victory, he never thumped his chest, and in loss (like it happened in 2011) he was gracious in concession.”

Meanwhile, on Monday it will be laid of public viewing at Soroti Lukiko Hall; and there after prayers at St Immaculate Church, Soroti.

Ekemu and his father, Ekemu Omaswa who also passed away the same day will then be laid to rest at thier ancestral home in Kapir Sub County, Ngora District at 2.00pm.

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