The deployment and involvement of Uganda Peoples Defence Forces in Congo in guise to fight the rebel outfit of the Allied Democratic Forces

Points to note

FDC demands answers to the following

  1. Why are we fighting in DRC?
  2. Who is financing this war? Is it Ugandan taxpayers, is it DRC government, is it East African Community, United Nations (UN) or other interested parties? The regime should come out very clear on this
  3. The people we are fighting in Congo are fellow Ugandans, have we failed on all other avenues to deal with the situation apart from fighting?
  4. Uganda has been at the forefront of helping other countries like Samalia, South Sudan, Burundi and DRC itself to help in the process to end their internal wars through dialogue, why can’t we use the same measures to end our internal grievances with our own people?
  5. The Kisangani scandal of Ten Billion Dollars (10b dollars) slapped on Ugandans far back between 1998-2003 should serve as a lesson to MR. Musevenis’ government, Uganda should not go back to the same now or a repeat of the in future. As a country, we must avoid reckless loss of lives and property which come with heavy financial and diplomatic complications. Commanders of such Operations should take heed because today the whole world is watching.
  6. It has become a habit for Ugandans to only receive apologies after errors, yet it’s a constitutional requirement for the president to inform Parliament in case there is need to deploy our army out of the country. UPDF should clear out the operation with parliament as per the Ugandan constitution because; this is a legal requirement before foreign deployment of Ugandan troops are made


The Ugandan government through the president agreed to a barter trade agreement with Cuba on the premise that Uganda will exchange her exports for Cuban made Covid-19 vaccines. This was made during the fair well visit of the outgoing Cuban Ambassador to the president at State House.

Lessons to Learn

Ugandan government has in stock a Lump Sum of unconsumed COVID-19 vaccines which will soon expire. If its not wastage of Ugandan resources, why bring in more yet the available vaccines are not put into better use.

Parliament passed through Ministry of Finance funds 300 billion to procure Covid-19 vaccine, “has the money been utilized yet? Or there is likelihood by government not to spend a penny and use the barter trade as a cover up.

Parliament also allocated money to develop our own, what is the logical conclusion of all these mixed statements on Covid 19 Vaccine?

Uganda should fast tracking its own home made Vaccine Nalubale into a W.H.O proven vaccine globally instead of relying on foreign unproven vaccines simply because it wants to trade with its allies.

Ugandan Vaccine if approved promotes scientific and technological advancement of Ugandan based pharmaceutical industry because, but over reliance on foreign made vaccines just kills Ugandans ability to think outside the box


Dubious land deals, where land worth billions of shillings was scrupulously sold to individuals, private entities like ROBERT RUKAARI (MP Mbarara city) MESTIL hotel proprietor respectively and the purchase of DMV locomotives worth 4.8 billion.


-Government should go Full throttle on enforcement of the law against officers who are culpable of all these corruption offenses so that it would act as a message to those other unseen players. Especially this being anti-corruption week

-Transparency should be a key principle by government while transacting business to avoid such scandals in the future especially through making available and public the documents involved in the agreements.

-The railway expansion agenda should be done with at most professionalism and patriotism because it’s a public utility, especially Grey areas concerning land compensation and purchase of world standard functional locomotives.


Mr. John Kikonyogo


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